Restaurant ML is located in the heart of the charming national monument at Klokhuisplein. The restaurant is located in the courtyard of former printer Johan Enschedé and in the old style room of the former home of the Enschedé family. The elegant cuisine of chefs Mark Gratama is daring due to the exciting combination of flavors.

The decor is sleek and modern and forms a fine backdrop for the culinary sensations presented by chef Mark Gratama and his kitchen team. In the kitchen of restaurant ML * we work with daily fresh and exclusive products. Every day they cook with love and look for surprising flavor combinations. The style of chef Mark Gratama stands out for its large palette of flavors. His kitchen is playful and seeks out the boundaries of tradition and innovation. Balance is a requirement for him, but he is always looking for excitement. The thoughtful combinations show his respect for the rich French cuisine and the inspiration he finds in challenging techniques from modern, international cuisine.

From the restaurant you have a good view of the open kitchen and you can see clearly with how much passion and attention the dishes are prepared. Eating at the Chefs bar is a unique experience, you have a direct view of the beautiful kitchen and you can keep an eye on all the operations of the cooks. At the Chefs bar there is a set menu of 7 courses and there is room for 8 guests.

Hostess Liane Gratama leads a young, professional team. In her wine list and choices for arrangements she keeps a sharp eye on the price-quality ratio. The wine list is therefore not a book with only big names from the classical areas, but a real fan card with many own finds that subtly accompany the dishes.

Closed Sunday and Monday (Bistro ML is open)